Dr. Sarker is a molecular biologist with expertise in analytical chemistry. He started his career as a microbiologist in ICDDRB on the Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine development project prior to pursuing his doctorate. At UBC Okanagan, Dr. Sarker’s Ph.D focused on lavender secondary metabolites, and more specifically, how they regulate essential oil quality. He has been an integral part of UBC Okanagan’s research department, running multiple investigational studies in addition to instructing coursework and supervising undergraduate and graduate students. With his extensive experience generating genomic data, Dr. Sarker can provide insight on numerous applications surrounding plant and life sciences. Previously, Dr. Sarker studied hepatitis B virus immunizations among university students and the association of viral agents in diarrheal diseases. 

  • ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: M.Sc. and PhD in Molecular Biology
  • FUN THINGS: Soccer, Biking, Skiing, Hiking
  • INTERESTING FACT: knowing the unknowns
  • FAVOURITE SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Next-Generation Genomics: an Integrative Approach (Hawkins et al. 2010)