Mariana is a proponent of plant science, in particular the biosynthesis and industrial use of plant natural products. Her academic background is in the study of biosynthetic pathways of plant specialized metabolites, specifically terpenoids. She enjoys digging into the detail of what constitutes plant volatile profiles.

As a born and raised Okanagan local, Mariana is also drawn to the agriculture and enology industries in the valley. Her career background includes agriculture research and consulting with BC fruit producers and the Summerland Research Center. Being surrounded by two gorgeous lakes, in the summer, Mariana can often be found on them, either swimming or wakeboarding. She is also a BC wines enthusiast, having gotten her hands dirty at a local wine lab and cellar, in addition to fermenting her own pinot noir as part of a project at UBC.

  • ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: BSc, Medical Biochemistry, MSc, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • FUN STUFF: Morning runs and playing with little Riddick (fur child), boating, swimming,
  • INTERESTING FACT: Broad background comes from having work experience in almost every major industry in Okanagan: viticulture and tree fruits horticulture and research, winery cellar-work and lab analysis, post secondary science education and cannabis research and regulatory consulting.
  • FAVOURITE PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATION: Chemical processes in the deep interior of Uranus (Chau et al., 2010)