Todd has expertise in many aspects of biochemistry, with a strong passion for plant biochemistry. He enjoys learning about the constituents of different plant species and their possible medical applications. Todd's excellent technical writing skills and attention to detail has made him a prime candidate to head up site compliance internally as well as for our clients. Todd also has experience in regulatory compliance for several industries including NHPs, Foods and Cosmetics.

Todd was raised in the Okanagan and attended the University of British Columbia Okanagan to study Medical Biochemistry. In his spare time, he enjoys being out on the lake, hiking and visiting the many great local wineries.

  • ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: BSc, Medical Biochemistry
  • FUN STUFF: Hiking, Biking, Yoga, Skiing, Wine
  • INTERESTING FACT: Protégé (and suck up) to Mr. Charlton
  • FAVOURITE PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATION: “The path of carbon in photosynthesis”- Melvin Calvin (1961)